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Spare Change
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Jeff Colvin

Management Consultant & Founder of Link, a Management Consulting Group

The single thing we can count on in 2005 is change. Whether it's a change in management, your office location, or your eating/exercise habits. Things will be different this year. Some of these changes will be completely within your control and some will not.

Wait minute! What really is out of your control? Even when the tsunami of layoffs hit last year, many people lost their jobs. They did not lose their lives. If you are alive, then you will always have a choice about how you manage change.

The new-year is upon us. It is a time to consider your talents, your strengths, and your options. The more options you create the more choices you will have, and the more you can create change around you.

With the devastating tragedy overseas, the United States at war, and the economy beginning to recover, the time is ripe to question where you are and where you want to be. The barriers preventing this train of thought and action are text book factors of resistance to change. So start asking the what ifs, solicit those trusted friends and family around you, and begin to explore the rest of your life.

Remember to consider the question, what's the worse that can happen? And when you realize you could recover from that; get moving.

With all the soul searching and reflection, I hope you have come to the realization that there is no such thing as spare change. Change either happens to you or you make it happen; there is nothing spare about it. So go out and make change instead of waiting for someone else to hand it to you.

A personal note in closing… Change has come to, and been made to happen for Jeff Colvin of Link. I have taken a managing partner position with a consulting and training company partnered with Stanford University. IPSolutions in San Mateo, CA delivers management training, consulting, and workshops that lead to sustainable workplace performance improvement. The learning-in-action solutions help clients execute their strategies by seeing how to manage complexity in their organizations more clearly and effectively.

Please visit our web site to learn more about how IPSolutions can serve your business;

"Time may change me, but I can't change time." David Bowie


Where Are You Now?
· What's working/what's not?
· Create a balance sheet of 2004 positive/negative experiences
· Identify what is really important

Where do You Want to Be?
· Envision the future
· Define your role, contributions, connections
· Establish an image of yourself at work, in the community, at home

How Will You Get There?
· Break the challenging elements of your vision into small chunks
· Begin a list of actions and time frames to support your change
· Define short interval successes

What Are the Barriers?
· Identify/clarify roadblocks
· Create a plan to conquer barriers
· Remove each block and celebrate
· Ask for help as you need it

Jeff Colvin ( founded Link, a management consulting group in 1997 whose mission is dedicated to the Systems, Structures, and Behaviors that make people and companies successful. Link's bottom line focus on process improvement is achieved through the facilitation and training of cross-functional teams to address key strategic goals. Learn more about Jeff Colvin & Link...

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