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Jeff Colvin's Management Tips Column
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Jeff Colvin's Recent Columns

Please enjoy Jeff Colvin's recent articles regarding tips to professional managers at all levels:

Spare Change
It costs nothing
Beware the FBI (Fat Built In)
3 P's to Doing it Right: Prioritize, Plan, Proceed
Project Management is like an Apple
Yes, if...
Get off the Train and on the Do
No Supplier… No Customer
The good news is...
The Customer Is...
To Do…To Get Done
After the Thaw
Pay for Value
The biggest Challenge
Recall This!
Diversify or Die
Summertime Blues, Greens, Reds...
The other Kind of Networking
No Time or Money
The Power of Positive Doing
Everyone's a Sales Person!
Do be a Gumby!
…& A Happy New Year
Delay the Pain/Beg for Forgiveness
What It Costs Not To!
How Are You Doing?
Learn Something Do Something!
Welcome Home!
Your Job: Love it and Leave it!

About Jeff Colvin of Link

Jeff Colvin, MBA, has been a management consultant for over 19 years and has provided results in cost, cycle time, and quality improvement for a diverse group of clients from start-ups to the Fortune 500. He also develops and delivers custom training workshops on project management and process improvement methodology for San Jose State University's corporate clients.

Colvin founded Link, a management consulting group in 1997 whose mission is dedicated to the Systems, Structures, and Behaviors that make people and companies successful. Link's bottom line focus on process improvement is achieved through the facilitation and training of cross-functional teams to address key strategic goals. Link is a pay-for-performance company and measures their results by saving time and money. The true value of an engagement with Link Consulting, other than measurable success to a key goal, is the legacy of internal champions that are left to continue the improvement process after the project has ended.

Feel free to contact him:

Phone: 408-927-8324
Fax: 408-323-9804

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