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Welcome to, the premier business directory for Silicon Valley & the San Francisco Bay Area.

Silicon Valley is one of the best places on earth to start a company. Entrepreneurs from the USA and all over the world come here to turn their dreams into reality. This web site will help you find all the resources you need: whether you're looking for networking opportunities, special interest groups, a web design company or an accountant - we've got it all.

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Angelika's Column
  "Across the Pond"

Angelika Blendstrup is a business communications consultant ( who helps foreign-born executives with cultural and language problems. Learn from her experiences and read her column on professional business communications:

What's more important? Being successful in your Job or having excellent People Skills?
We are so concerned about learning everything it takes to become successful in our business lives, be it that we are self employed or working for a large corporation, that we forget that one of the most important things for our professional as well as personal lives is having really good people skills. More...

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"Across the Pond - A Transatlantic CEO's Perspective on Establishing A Global Business" is a monthly column that takes a look at emerging technology companies whose business needs require establishing operations in some other part of the world.

This month Barbara & Jeff write about Simentra. Some would say that the time to start a company focused on business acceleration supporting technology companies with international growth aspirations was not early 2002. But that is exactly when Gareth White and Glenn Hardy decided to make the leap and set up a new business called Simentra - the name representing strategic investment for market entrance. More...

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Jeff Colvin's Management Tips
  Other Articles

Jeff Colvin has been a management consultant for over 19 years and has provided results in cost, cycle time, and quality improvement for a diverse group of clients from start-ups to the Fortune 500. Please enjoy Jeff Colvin's recent articles regarding tips to professional managers at all levels:

Spare Change
The single thing we can count on in 2005 is change. Whether it's a change in management, your office location, or your eating/exercise habits. Things will be different this year. More...

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Diana Yoshikawa looks at a new breed of incubators - those who either incubate international startups or are foreign owned. More...

Mike Gospe's article reflects experiences and observations from the business front lines in the post dot-com world. More...

Tony Wessling talks about how to get good ideas past the keepers of the eternal dust. More...

Barbara Angius Saxby provides on overview of web services and discusses the opportunities for software companies. More...

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